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Hello and welcome to My name is Tim Courtney and I am "the FSBO friend." I am called the FSBO friend because I help for sale by owners sell their homes. Since 1989 I have helped numerous "for sale by owners" sell their homes and I am here to help you too.  It's a fact that 85% of for sale by owners end up listing their home with a professional...I want you to be one of the 15% that do sell!

Congratulations on your decision to sell your have taken the first step in a long process.

Selling your home on your own can be a very stressful obligation. I have created this page within my site to hopefully take some of that stress away. You will find everything you need here to successfully sell your own home. What I can't offer you, without listing your home with me, is the exposure you will need to get the highest price possible.



The links below will take you to the different forms you will need to sell your Michigan home. You will find a Purchase agreement, Lead Paint form, sellers disclosure, attorney review addendum, purchasers financial statement and a blank addendum.

Real Estate Forms Needed to Sell your Home

Purchase Agreement

Blank Addendum

Sellers Disclosure Statement

Purchaser Financial Statement

Attorney review Addendum

Lead Paint Form



Now let's talk Safety: I don't want to scare you, but this is a big deal...don't fool yourself. You have decided to let complete strangers through your home at different times of the day, sometimes without notice. You must take pre-cautions. Here are some common steps that I would follow if I was selling my home on my own.

1. Have rules in place as to when you will show and when you won't...stick to them.

2. Never show the home alone.

3. Never show the home after dark.

4. Always tell a neighbor, friend or family member when showing the home.

5. Park in the street before a showing, that way you will not be blocked in.

6. If you have children, send them away before a showing.

7. If you have a dog...KEEP IT IN THE HOUSE during a showing.

8. Ask to see a drivers license prior to showing.

9. Ask to talk to the lookers mortgage rep before a showing.

10. Take a picture of the looker with your cell phone.

11. Have your cell phone with you at all times, you might want to have 911 already dialed, ready to send.

12. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT...if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't


Following these steps should provide for a safe showing.

Again, you don't know these people that are coming through...Don't take any chances. Good luck with the journey. It can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be the most stressful experience of your life.

When the time comes to professionally market your home, choose the one Realtor who knows how to get FSBO's homes sold...Choose "The FSBO FRIEND!"



Did you Know...?

  • 85% of FSBO's decide to professionally market their home with a Realtor.
  • 15% of FSBO's actually sell their home on their own.
  • Some FSBO's decide not to move at all.
  •  I currently have a data base of over 500 buyers, I might already be working with YOUR buyer.
  • 8% is the average amount it will COST you to sell your home on your own.
  • I offer choices in marketing fees to fit your budget.
  • 94% more potential buyers will be exposed to your home when marketing with me. More exposure=more prospects, more prospects=more money in your pocket.
  • The only reason a buyer buys a FSBO is to save the same commission you are trying to save by selling on your own. Who gets to save it?

Above stats are from the National Association of Realtors.

Why hire Realtor® Tim Courtney...?

While most licensed agents have access to the same tools, it’s important to understand the differences in these agents.

First and foremost, Tim Courtney has been successfully selling real estate since 1989 and has remained in the local market all of that time. 

 When you are ready to start marketing your home professionally click here.




Here is what a few FORMER fsbos are saying

about Tim Courtney & Associates.

"We had our home for sale by owner for three weeks with no activity. After marketing with Tim, our home sold within 3 days and for the highest price in the sub." -Mr. and Mrs. Mazaitis

"After trying to sell on our own, we were in a bind. Our new home was completed and we needed to close. We marketed with Tim and he got our home SOLD!" -Mike and Kristina

"Our new home was done; my wife was already living in Jackson, without me. I was trying to sell on my own. After talking with Tim I decided to market with him, Tim sold my home within a few weeks and for a record high price for the area. Tim showed interest not only in my home, but in me, my family and my dog! Good Job!" -The Rowlings

"We had been successful in selling on our own prior to this move, but this was November. We received a Letter from Tim and decided to market with him. 11 days after marketing with Tim we received an offer of 95% of our asking price and we were in our new home before Christmas...Thanks, Tim!" -Robert and Pat

"We were determined to sell on our own, 1 month later with no offers; we received a letter from Tim explaining his choices of commission plans and his marketing plan. We decided to market with Tim, we sold in two weeks and for a record high price in the neighborhood!"

-Pat and Gretchen

"We were selling by owner and we were also in the market for a new home. We received a letter from Tim and he started emailing homes with our needs to us. We ended up finding our dream home and had to sell ours in a hurry...Tim did the job for us!" -The Carey's

"We had our home for sale by owner, I was tired of trying, so I decided to interview Realtors, Tim was one of those Realtors who I interviewed. Nobody could compete with his commission plans. I marketed with Tim and we sold within two weeks...Thanks Tim!" -The Greenstiens

"Selling is in my blood, I sell things for a living. After attempting to sell my home with no luck, I meet Tim. Not only did he sell my home for me, he also offered me a job selling homes. I'll do the next one on my own for sure, because now, it's what I do for a living!" -Jim

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